Frequently Asked Questions

Capture Devices

Cast4ME is compatible a wide range of devices.

Digital TV: Cast4ME is compatible with all major digital television standards in use world-wide, including ATSC, QAM, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and DMB-T. Cast4ME will work with any device that has BDA drivers, and has been tested with a wide variety of devices from popular manufacturers like Hauppauge, TBS, BlackGold, PCTV, etc.

Component & HDMI capture: Cast4ME is compatible with specialist high definition capture devices like the Hauppauge HDPVR, HDPVR2, StreamEez and Colossus. These devices are perfect for capturing high-definition video from set top boxes, video cameras and game consoles. See

CableCard Copy-Freely: Cast4ME is compatible with the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime, and the Hauppauge DCR-2650. With these devices, Cast4ME can view and record from any Copy-Freely or ClearQAM channel.

Analog: Cast4ME also has support for Hauppauge analog devices, but only if the Hauppauge WinTV v7/v8 application is installed first.

Yes. We recommend Hauppauge and SiliconDust devices. We've found these to be reliable, and work well.
It depends on the type of device you're tring to use. If you're using DVB or ATSC/QAM digital tuners, then Cast4ME's advanced multi-record functionality is able to minimize the number of tuners you'll need. Multi-record allows the software to use a single tuner for multiple channels that share the same frequency. Watch our

Yes, Cast4ME can use multidec plugins with your DVB tuners. We can't directly help you with the multidec plugins, the general gist is:

1. In your device settings, set the 'CI/CAM' setting to multidec, and the instances to 1 or more (maximum number of encrypted channels to be used concurrently on that channel)

2. Place your multidec plugin and any config files in the tuner-instance directory in C:\Users\Public\Cast4ME\MDPlugins

3. Place FFDecsa.dll in your Cast4ME directory, C:\Program Files\Cast4ME

Streaming to the Local Network

UDP: Cast4ME can stream the original broadcast over UDP to either a Unicast or Multicast address

HTTP: Cast4ME can stream either the original broadcast, or a transcoded stream over HTTP

HTTP Live: Cast4ME can stream transcoded video to the users web server using the popular HTTP Live.

If you're streaming using udp/http/dlna on the local network, you get the original bitstream sent by the broadcaster. The resolution and bitrate is set by the broadcaster.

Streaming to the Internet

Cast4ME is compatible with all web servers. The beauty of HTTP Live is that it's based on standard HTTP, and just relies on delivery of files. We actively test with Apache, IIS and Cassini, but all others should would too.

Cast4ME supports SFTP, FTP or direct copy to a specified local/network directory.

If you need support for some other method, use the 'contact' page to let us know. We can most likely add this for you.

No. Cast4ME is continuously producing and uploading small .ts files, but it's also deleting old files that are no longer required. The number of files it creates, and the size of these can be controlled in the application settings


A license of Cast4ME costs US$39, and can be installed on a single machine.

If you require multiple licenses, we can offer you a discount. Please contact us directly for more information.

We can resend it. Email us the name of the email address used to purchase the license and we'll look it up for you.